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Are you faced with varying levels of business activity? Do you have underutilised human or material resources? Looking for special equipment or qualified workers on an ad-hoc basis?

 Discover how to share material and human resources as well as infrastructure with other companies using MYCELIUM plateform.

Mycelium : share your ressources !

Mycelium is a sharing tool for equipment and human resources to address issues relating to over or under supply for business activities. It allows for the gathering of a resource pool with search option, while providing an administrative, legal and insurance framework for businesses to share. When businesses are overloaded, it allows them to limit their investments, access rare knowledge and skills, and to save on ad-hoc resource costs.

Businesses that are under resourced will be able to reduce overheads in challenging times, making underutilised equipment profitable while upskilling its employees at the same time. Mycelium also offers a means to facilitate networking between businesses in the area and to spark discussions on best practices. Join Mycelium !