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Team and mandates

The Plaine de l’Ain Joint Association is the Industrial Estate’s management body. It is responsible for the organisation, marketing, facilitation and management of all of its equipment and shared spaces.

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Its goal is to conceptualise, develop and manage the Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Estate in a sustainable manner for the shared benefit of all, and to ensure respect for future generations.

Its operational team remains at your disposal if you have any questions, while it strives daily to uphold the values it subscribes to – such as quality, sustainability and well-being in the workplace – through the various tasks it performs.

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  • Hugues de BEAUPUY

    Managing Director

    Vice Director in charge of marketing
  • Aurore CURTON

    Personal assistant
  • Géraldine DEPORT

    Business Club financial executive
  • Audrey AYRINHAC

    Environment and safety
  • Cassandre JOLY

    Economic development and Advertising
  • Belcem KIRATI

    Business Incubator facilitation
  • Mathilde EXPOSITO

    Business Incubator administration department
  • Caroline PRATTICO

    Administration department and Accounts department
  • Olivier GUILHERMET

  • Mohamed BALOUK

  • Xavier OMEIRA

    Green spaces technician
  • Valérie BERNARD

    Accounts department

Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Estate Union comittee

The union comittee provides industrial estate mixed association governance.

It is made up of the 4 members, represented by 11 union advisers :

  • Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region (46%)
  • Association of municipalities of Plaine de l’Ain (40%)
  • Ain county (10%)
  • Lyon Metropolis (4% des voix)

Download the union comittee list